Received this e-mail yesterday from Christina Hartman’s (D.  PA) Auditor General campaign:

Yesterday, we watched as voters in Wisconsin were forced to choose between their health and their right to be heard at the polls because the GOP-controlled legislature refused to postpone their elections.

In Pennsylvania, we also have a Republican-controlled legislature and we’re honestly not sure what they’re going to do if it’s not safe to vote in-person on June 2.

BUT, in PA, we can be prepared for whatever June 2 has in store  with our no-excuse mail-in ballots!

Christina has already requested her mail-in ballot and you can do the same right here, right now.

If you have questions about what kind of ballot you need, you can use this page here with information about the new PA election reforms.

Applications are due May 26, 2020 if you want to vote by mail, but since we all have a little extra time, you can submit your application now! We know how important these elections will be and we have to take advantage of every opportunity to have our voices heard.

Stay safe,

Team Christina

P.S. — be sure to share these links with your friends and family. This is a whole new process for Pennsylvania, so we have to get the word out!

Click here to request your mail-in ballot.

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