Received this e-mail from Attorney General Josh Shaprio’s (D. PA) re-election campaign:

Voting is a right. It should never be a privilege for just a few.

Last week in Wisconsin, Americans exercising their constitutional right to vote had to wait in line for hours at the polls. Hundreds of polling locations were closed.

Thanks to Governor Wolf, Pennsylvanians don’t have to face the same challenges to voting — all registered voters can now vote by mail, no excuse needed.

Pennsylvania’s primary election has officially been moved to June 2. And you can participate from home by voting by mail. That means you can stay safe, stay healthy, and still exercise your right to vote.

When you fill out your application to vote by mail in our primary, you can also sign up to automatically receive your ballot for the November general election by mail.

Click here to request your mail-in ballot today for Pennsylvania’s June 2 primary election:

No Pennsylvanian should have to choose voting over their health and safety.

Voting by mail is easy, secure, and safe. It’s how I’m voting in the primary election!

All you have to do is follow a few easy steps: request your mail-in ballot today, wait for it to arrive in the mail closer to Election Day, fill it in, and mail it back.

So stay safe, stay home, and vote! Request your mail-in ballot today:



Click here to request your ballot.

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