Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Republican Tom Marino will quit the US House next Wednesday to chase a fat corporate paycheck. His resignation will trigger a race to fill his position—the fourth special election of 2019!

Flipping Marino's seat won't be easy. Donald Trump won the district (PA-12) by double-digits, and it's been a GOP stronghold for generations.

But we've faced those odds before and won!

By investing in the Special Election Victory Fund, you help win four open seats all across the state.
• US House, District 12 (Election Date TBD)
 PA Senate, District 37 (April 2)
 PA House, District 114 (March 12)
 PA House, District 190 (March 12)

Every one of those special elections will bring us one vote closer to raising the wage, protecting healthcare, saving the environment, improving PA schools, and more.

Let's get a jump on organizing and energizing Democrats for special elections. → Be an early contributor to our Special Election Victory Fund.

Click here to donate to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Special Election Victory Fund.

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