Received this e-mail today from actor and activist, Martin Sheen, in support of Eugene DePasquale’s (D. PA-10) congressional campaign:


Hello there,

My name is Martin Sheen, though you may remember me as President Bartlet on The West Wing.

I don’t have the kind of (fictional) power that I used to have as a (fictional) president. But I’ve devoted my life outside of acting to political activism by doing everything I can to support the causes and candidates that I believe in, like Eugene DePasquale.

Let me tell you, it’s not every day that you meet a candidate like Eugene. He is the kind of leader that we tried to portray in The West Wing's best moments — inspiring, hard-working, and dedicated to facing challenges head on and getting results.

Right now, I’m reaching out to you because Eugene has an important fundraising deadline coming up in just a few days. Will you join me in supporting Eugene at this key moment in his campaign by chipping in $5?

If it's not personal it's impersonal, and as such no one cares. So to get a little personal, politics to me is about hope. It’s about our children being able to experience a brighter, more just tomorrow because of what we fight for today. And that starts with voting.

Elections are a time where we come together as a country to decide whether or not the politics of our present represent who we are as Americans or if we’ve gone too far off track. In 2018, it was the American people who decided that enough was enough and elected one of the most diverse freshman classes into the House of Representatives.

And now, as we inch closer to November 2020, perhaps the most consequential election of our lifetimes, we are once again taking our voices to the ballot box. And friend, I can’t picture a better person to represent PA-10 than Eugene.

Eugene’s determination, and commitment to fighting for PA-10 is evident in his career and his character. Eugene will bring values that are sorely needed to Washington and work to make life better for PA-10.

I’ve never run for office. But I’ve seen a lot of campaigns up close, so I know it’s not easy. Eugene needs all the support we can give him to win his election in November, so we can’t let him miss a single fundraising deadline between now and then.  

Thank you,

Martin Sheen

Click here to donate to DePasquale’s campaign.

  • September 16, 2020
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