PA-07, 08 & 17: Gov. Tom Wolf (D) Refuses To Let Trump & The GOP Take Down These PA Dems

Been pretty busy lately with a lot of things so I am going to be playing catch up here for a bit. Received this e-mail yesterday from Governor Tom Wolf (D. PA):

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 19:  Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf speaks during Pennsylvania Conference For Women 2015 at Pennsylvania Convention Center on November 19, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage)
Gov. Tom Wolf (D. PA)

Last year, we beat back unfair maps. And Pennsylvania voters finally had the chance to elect the Democratic members of Congress they believed in.

But just three months after the last election, Washington Republicans are already trying to turn back the clock. They just made Representatives Susan Wild, Conor Lamb, and Matt Cartwright three of their top targets for 2020, and Republicans are already raising massive sums of money to buy their seats.

We can't wait to fight back. Susan, Conor, and Matt need our support right now, before the commonwealth is flooded with dark money attacks. 

Will you show Washington Republicans you won't let them buy Pennsylvania's seats in Congress? Chip in $5 or more to help Susan Wild, Conor Lamb, and Matt Cartwright keep fighting for Pennsylvania.

Conor's special election race was one of the most expensive in the nation thanks to huge ad buys from out-of-state special interests. And both Susan and Matt are running races that could be extremely close in a presidential election year.

All three have been working hard to make sure Pennsylvania values are represented in Washington, fighting to defend our health care, ensuring that we learn the truth about Russian interference in our elections, and doing all they can to help middle and working-class families make ends meet.

As part of a new Democratic majority in the House, they're playing a critical role in holding President Trump and Washington Republicans accountable. That's why Republicans are preparing a tidal wave of dark money to cut their work short. 

We can't let that happen. Will you chip in and help us raise $5,000 for Susan, Conor, and Matt before midnight tomorrow?

Thanks for your support,


Click here to donate to Wild, Lamb and Cartwright’s re-election campaigns.