PA-04, 05, 06 & 07: Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. (D) Helps Keep PA's Congressional Delegation Blue

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA), in support of these Pennsylvania Democrats re-election campaigns:

Reps. Mary Gay Scanlon (D. PA-05), Susan Wild (D. PA-07), Madeleine Dean (D. PA-04) & Chrissy Houlahan (D. PA-06)

Ninety-nine years ago — almost a full century — women in our nation finally won the right to vote. Yet women are still underpaid, overworked, underrepresented, harassed in the workplace, and continuing to fight for real equality today.

Electing and supporting women who step up and run for Congress is essential to closing the wage gap, ending workplace harassment, stopping violence against women, and more.

At this time last year, there were no women in Pennsylvania's congressional delegation. Thanks to people like you, Susan Wild, Chrissy Houlahan, Mary Gay Scanlon and Madeleine Dean won last November and joined me in Washington. This Women's Equality Day, I'm asking you to help them do it again.

Will you help Susan Wild, Chrissy Houlahan, Mary Gay Scanlon and Madeleine Dean build on last year's victories and win again in 2020? Chip in now.

Three years ago, on Women's Equality Day, I joined New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney to request a report from the Government Accountability Office on the economic challenges that women face.

Last year, the GAO released that report, with dozens of pages explaining how women pay more for goods and services while earning less.

There's no excuse for why women still face these challenges — and so many others — in 2019, but to make further progress, it's essential that women have a voice in Congress.

We can't wait until the next Women's Equality Day to elect more women — we need to act now. Chip in to help Chrissy Houlahan, Mary Gay Scanlon, Susan Wild, and Madeleine Dean build winning campaigns now so we can elect even more women next November. 

Thank you,


Click here to donate to Houlahan, Gay Scanlon, Wild, and Dean’s re-election campaigns.

  • August 26, 2019
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