A developer’s plans to site a Chevron service station and mini-mart hit a hurricane of resistance,  in part to the valiant efforts of several Kos contributors, and many others.

In some ways this is Daily Kos’ interim victory, since widespread publication of my earlier Daily Kos Daily Bucket, Save the Redwoods, helped engage folks.  www.dailykos.com/…

Not only that, several Kossacks pitched in and did heavy-lifting research, for which I am very grateful. 

The developer has targeted an odd-shaped lot in Washington County, Oregon, that lies right next to a valuable creek, for the station. The County will in effect have to “donate” easements and right-of-way just to make room for a station that no one needs.  The hearing officer said need for the station is not even germane, under County Codes. 

Nonetheless, an aroused public submitted over 200 comments on the project, which proposed locating the station and mart on the edge of a 15-foot cliff above wetlands, and eagle and salmon habitat.  Some of those folks are now new Kossacks. 

The developer has requested a one-month delay for another public hearing. 

Public activism “…in the time of Covid…”  We are learning.  The truncated public hearing was on Zoom, but many people could not be heard.  We need to make sure everyone comments in writing, too.  Not all relevant documents are available on line, but you cannot go to the County building to look at the papers.

Delay is Victory, and beating Chevron with nothing but our KOS friends, neighbors and acquaintances, not even an attorney or traffic consultant; sweeter than ambrosia.

Three reasons why we fight.

We will need an attorney and consultant very soon, so next is the challenge of fundraising when you can’t just throw a big party and get people drinking.

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