Gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ron DeSantis has an obsession with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Something about her really gets under his “skin”.  Despite her running for office in a New York election, he attacks her every chance he gets.  

Now, you can disagree with Alexandria’s policy proposals. You can say she’s too young, too idealistic, and too progressive.  You’d be completely wrong, but you can say that.

What you can’t do is insult her heritage, her name, and and refer to her as “a girl … or whatever she is”.  

For the record, she is a full grown woman with proud Puerto-Rican heritage, and an American citizen. And unlike you, Ron, she will win her election.  I love her and love how desperate the rightwing attacks have grown. Someone who runs unapologetically on progressive principles scares them witless, and they can’t stop themselves.

This is what DeSantis said:

“You look at this girl…Ocasia? Cortez? or whatever she is (Laughter) I mean, she’s in a totally different universe…(Laughter)”

This would be keeping in line with the Florida GOP, whose officials refer to Puerto Ricans, incorrectly, as foreigners. (And even more insultingly, refer to their territory as a “basketcase”.)

And wow… a Democrat who fights back!  Alexandria put the smack down:



Alexandria is sharp, well-spoken, grounded, and has a strong set of principles. She is the anti-Trump. Ron DeSantis should be ashamed.

If you want to see the full text of his outrageous comments, they are played early in the segment…

Volunteer to elect Democrats at

Ron DeSantis has a lead over Adam Putnam in the GOP primary.

Gwen Graham has opened up a lead for the FL gubernatorial Democratic primary, followed by Levine, Greene, Gillum and King in that order. I will support whomever our nominee is wholeheartedly. Volunteer, donate, and most importantly, vote. MONDAY, JULY 30 IS THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARY.

Donald Trump will be holding a hate rally for Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott (who has his own bigotry problems) this Tuesday. If you are in the area, come to the protest.


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