Our economic system, a new antiseptic form of slavery.

We are currently in a period where the masters of our economy are using a different kind of chain to get their will. The chains are virtual, an antiseptic form of slavery.

Antiseptic form of slavery

While discussing Oxfam's new report and other economic and electoral politics issues, I felt compelled to give the rant in this post (Watch entire Politics Done episode here.). The main point that we need to embed in our minds is that for too long we have been indoctrinated.

Indoctrination is not a bad thing if we are filled with positive affirmations or with information that ensures we support policies that make society more egalitarian.

Unfortunately, our indoctrination is highly toxic. We have learned that in some instances, we should forget math (e.g., Medicare for all [Healthcare costs + OneSetOfAdministritiveCosts)] is impossible to be greater than Private Insurance [(Healthcare cost + ManySetsfAdministritiveCosts + ShareholderDividends + ExecutiveBonuses)]. We have been indoctrinated into believing that billionaires worked for and are deserving. Instead, we must acknowledge that their billions are wages not paid and most often profits from the knowledge and intellect of others.

Issue after issue, we have been indoctrinated into believing that our worth is dependent on being chosen by a select few into the fold whether by capital investments, loans, or some other mechanism in our economic system. We must exit that frame of thought.

The Powell Memo has been instrumental in ensuring enough remained mentally enslaved by the tenets of our economic system. For too long it has defined us. And the results of being indoctrinated subjects are voting for politicians enacting policies against the interests of most. That has decimated the poor and the middle-class.

We must first acknowledge the reality. Only then will we be empowered to make the necessary change not only for ourselves but for others as we engage everyone.

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  • January 21, 2020