Orange man is no match for Dick and Liz. He is waaay out of his league in this matchup.

Donald Trump

Look, this is popcorn time. 

 Orange man thinks he is so big and bad with a mouth that runs 90 miles a minute and filled with conspiracy and lies.  Personally, I was always a bit leary of a quiet, soft spoken person.    You never know what they are thinking and if you add power to that person, along with money, along with a lot of evil doings and then attack a family member,  especially a daughter, well that is a recipe for disaster.

Dick Cheney has been political all of his life.  He knows the donors, he knows the evil that men do and mostly because he wrote the book on the evil men do.  He knows how to secretly tear apart not only people but countries and smile without saying a word.   That is in that corner.  In the other corner is a man who listens to people like Q and the Pillow Man, has no money, and under investigation, plus impeached twice running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  

It does not take any political scientist to know the orange one is no match for Darth Vader.   I would be shivering right about now if I were DJT.   I would be shaking if I was stupid enough to believe or follow the conman.  They are in deep do do as well.  

 People like Cheney earned the name they carry.  Of course we disagree with the politics and are not carrying water and love for Dick Cheney BUT we do know just how badly the orange man has screwed up with degrading Liz Dick, Cheney’s daughter.  To me it is not like taking a knife to a gun fight… is like taking an emory board to a Machetti fight.   

Cheney is going after Trump for degrading his daughter in such public political view and Cheney is no Cruz.    We will not see or witness what he is about to pull on Trump.  He will not snuggle up for favors on the Republican political scene.  He will dominate the war that has started with Liz and Trump and any republican who follows the cult, like McCarthy.  We can see it a mile away.  These people will never know what hit them and I come not to praise Dick Cheney but to observe the war we are about to see in not so plain view.  

Hide and watch.  Dick Cheney is not going to take this mark against his daughter from a small minded has been reality show actor. 

Driving the news: The elder Cheney helped pull together an op-ed from all 10 living former defense secretaries to warn against military intervention to thwart a transfer of power. Liz Cheney pounded out a 21-page argument against plans to try to stall certification of Biden's win.

Why it matters: Each has said little about President Trump over the past four years. But now that they're speaking out, they're making it count — with muscular, blunt cases against obstruction of the inevitable.

  • Liz Cheney has ambitions to run for the White House or House speaker. Her dad remains a formidable force in establishment Republican politics.

Between the lines: A source familiar with the Cheneys' thinking tells Axios that given their reverence for the power of the executive, they're offended by Trump's norm-busting behavior and the futile resistance to Biden's victory.… 

  • May 12, 2021