OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Keeps Up The Fight To Shut Down Trump's Child Prisons

Playing some catch up here today. Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley’’s (D. OR) re-election campaign:

Over 15,000 immigrant children are locked up in prisons across America thanks to Donald Trump.

But today we got a little good news: Thanks to our pressure, the Trump administration backed down off of one policy that has kept so many kids behind barbed wire.

But it’s not enough. Help us keep up this fight until Trump's child prisons are shut down. Sign the petition right now.

This weekend, I discovered that about half of the kids locked up at Tornillo could be in homes with sponsors who have cleared background checks — usually family — as soon as a week from now, but the Trump administration is throwing up obstacles making it difficult for the kids to go home.

Just like in June when our outrage prompted an end to the child separation policy, today our pressure again caused them to back down. They issued new policy guidance and over 1,000 kids should be able to be released by Christmas.
But there are still thousands and thousands more behind bars, alone.
Which is why we have to keep up the pressure, to make clear that these child-trauma strategies have no place in America. We can’t rest until these children are treated with the decency and dignity they deserve. That's why tomorrow, I’m introducing a bill to shut down the child prison camps.

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