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OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) & DFA Want To Prevent Future Impeachment Trials From Becoming Cover-Ups

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Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) on behalf of Democracy for America:

The recent impeachment trial was a farce: when we were tasked with trying Donald Trump’s impeachment, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans denied us access to witnesses and documents.

Instead of a full and fair trial, America got a partisan cover-up.

That’s why I’m introducing a new rule in the Senate that would fix this issue and guarantee both the prosecution and defense a chance to call necessary witnesses and subpoena relevant documents.

Show the Senate nationwide grassroots support: future impeachment trials need witnesses and evidence. Sign my petition now »

If and when another president and another Congress face this issue, we must guarantee that the process is impartial and thorough.

Unlike what happened with Donald Trump’s trial, the Senate should be a place where the nation’s gravest issues like impeachment are vigorously debated and thoughtfully considered — not swept under the rug by a highly-partisan majority desperate to protect someone who has clearly committed a crime.

Or perhaps even worse: imagine a highly-partisan majority determined to impeach a President by blocking evidence of innocence.

The Senate has the power to fix the rules and restore the process permanently for the future. That means witnesses. That means documents. That means access to all of the facts — no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Join me and Democracy for America in urging the Senate to fix impeachment for the future. Add your name to the petition now.


Jeff Merkley, Senator
U.S. Senate – Oregon

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