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Open Forum: CALL/Message us. Man who seemed to blame the killed-by-cop, responds. Manchin fails.

Today is an open forum. Give us a call or message us about your thoughts. We hear from Brian Dunn, the lawyer that seems to blame those humans killed-by-cop. Manchin fears insurrectionists.

Joe Manchin has bad logic.

  • Brian Dunn, a Managing Partner at the Cochran Firm California, appeared on MSNBC, seeming to blame Daunte Wright for his death. Tiffany Cross, among many of us in the blogosphere, were not kind. He sent me this response.
  • Democrats have no choice but to tolerate and appease West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. But it hurts. Understand what Manchin is saying. He is willing to allow elected political terrorists to take away the democratic voting rights of Black, Brown, and poor Americans. He fears that the 25% of Americans fooled by the Right into believing that there is a problem with voting in America will create an insurrection again. Man who seemed to blame the killed-by-cop, responds. Manchin fails.

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