Oof! Stormy Daniels to release new book a month before midterms

Not sure if we need more details on Stormy Daniels’ “relationship” with Donald Trump (were the pages of that Forbes she spanked him with stuck together? exactly which species of shark does he hate the most?) but, alas, you’re going to get them.

With Bob Woodward’s Fear taking up all the oxygen in the media troposphere these days, we seem to have forgotten about Omarosa and Stormy, who haven’t won any Pulitzers (yet!) but are doing their level best to help KO a president, just as Woodward did.

From Talking Points Memo:

During an interview on “The View,” Daniels said she’s been working on the memoir, titled “Full Disclosure,” for about 10 years and there’s “a lot” in the book, beyond just her dealings with President Trump.

“I’m going to write everything and include it– and people can think what they want to about me, but at least it’s the truth,” she said, acknowledging it will “probably sell better” than it would’ve before she engaged in a legal battle with the President and his former attorney Michael Cohen.

“The book was always going to happen, it just now has more information in it,” she said.

I won’t be reading it, because how much do we really need, or want, to know about Donald Trump’s sexual encounters? To quote Thomas Hobbes, I can only imagine they’re “nasty, brutish and short.”

But good luck, Stormy. And thanks for everything. Truly.


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