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Only the useful idiots will pay the price of sedition.

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Trump will be impeached in the House but in the Senate all but a few republicans will vote against him and thus be complicit in an attempted coup. They missed the ideal opportunity in 2019 to get rid of Trump, but no, they obsequiously bent their knees and lauded the further development of a Proto-Tyrant [h/t Resident Evil]. Trump will go back to fighting off his creditors, abusing golf courses and the truth.


Those that wanted to overturn a lawful election will suffer no ill, however the Republicans that stood up for the constitution will more than likely be primaried and some will lose their re-election attempts. I expect the Republican Party as it is now will veer to the right into full fascism mode.

White House Staff?

The chickens may be fleeing the coup, those that remain will find employment with the next wannabee dictator. Mike Pence? Ted Cruz? Marco Rubio?

Right-Wing Media?

Since when have they been prevented spreading misinformation and lies.

Those who Attended the Rally?

The ones that then followed orders to storm the capital, they are in for a world of pain and normal life is pretty much over for them. I see a future with bars but no beer.

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