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Only half of the country is being recognized as Americans with a voice.

When we break this down to our leadership, the answer should be rather clear. 

When we think about all the millions of dollars spent on the Muller report so we could find out more about an invasion on this country and our election, where is the evidence we the people can see and hear?   

When millions of dollars and hard work went into electing a congress for oversight with teeth to make sure this country was not neck deep in criminal behavior, there are millions and millions of Dem and independent voters being told to be patient.  We are not recognized nor are our committes as real Americans.   The republicans and Trumpers are walking all over us.  They withhold vital info in a report the taxpayer paid for, they ignore subpoenas, they call us names like enemies of the state.  ( Those are the good names).  They have no respect for the rule of law.  They are treating us like we did not elect people to do their jobs and we the people are getting very frustrated with being told to sit down, shut up and go away… Mitch McConnell says, “ It’s over”.   His mouth nor actions do not speak for the majority of us.  I don’t understand unless we have some democratic legislators who are enabling for reasons we don’t know.  Dem or Republican, I want the truth and sunshine on all the deeds and monies and any swamp swimming regardless of which letter is beside their name.   I don’t think we have dirty folks on our side but we know there is dirt on the other side and making it normal is not the way I want to live in this country.

They work for us and they need to be reminded of this every minute of the day.  Let the republicans drag this out and I bet we won’t even come close to any kind of majority in 2020 anywhere.  We may not even have a country.

Due Process?  Only this side, the ones being ignored are trying to go by due process, everthing else on the Trump party is just a crap show.   When Lindsay Graham told people to ignore subpoenas, how is this not breaking the law?   Keep in mind that the Congress is a majority for the time being and every representative holds a seat due to the hard work and donations paid to get them their jobs.   They represent millions of us.  Many of us knocked on doors, made phone calls, sent money and expected to be represented as Americans who wanted accountability.   Is Bill Barr or McGhan more important than the Former First lady and Secretary of state who sat for 11 hours on a true Witch hunt?  NO.

We did not elect democrats to allow us to be taxed for a report we never have seen, or heard from witnesses who knew what happened in 2016 and beyond.  People on our side of the aisle are being pushed and shoved aside like we just don’t matter and are not voters and as Americans due the respect of truth.   How in the world is this much different if any different from the republicans who want to take the pulse of the electorate for political purposes?  This is about a republic that only is representing half of the country.   Trump’s base.  If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem and I am talking about the leadership to move towards action.  Due process?  Yes but show us some real effort that you acknowledge the people you represent.    Do you know how much danger we are in?   Keeping a seat is important but the rule of law and holding people accountable is THE whole constitutional oath.  Checks and balances and will of the people who elected and put the congress in power must be listened to.

I am pretty tired of being discounted and have to take whatever Trump and his enablers are dishing out.  We are becoming invisible.   They don’t respect us and never have.  Someone should take the house floor and not give up or yield until they list the people and 1000’s of prosecutors and monies spent on campaigns and what is at stake.  

I guess DJ Trump could shoot someone on 5th avenue and the Dem congress would send a letter or file with the court rather than send the US Marshals after him.   What do we know now that we didn’t know before our congress took over?  Not a damn thing.   Nothing.  We write letters, talk tough, file in civil courts and get subpoenas ignored.  

 Slow walking is not what we did when we got the dem congress elected.  We worked hard.  We had a deadline in November to accomplish a win for accountability.   Where is the  Leadership deadline?  Where is the red line.  Waiting on courts?  Courts that can hold up accountability for years?  In the meantime Trump and company keep making money at our expense.

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