One Tiny Step for MSNBC: Hugh Hewitt Show Cancelled.

I never watched it, but the show Hugh Hewitt had on MSNBC is no more.  Yes, they still think he has something to say because he will be a contributor — Thank God for this.  Otherwise, poor old Chuck Todd would be so lonely on his show!  However, as some have already pointed out, with one tiny step forward MSNBC may take several more steps backwards.  Such as, what loathsome presence are they going to replace Hewitt with?  

Let’s face it.  With one Trump shill gone, MSNBC has to replace him with another Trump shill.  We need balance on these networks! 

NOTE to Networks and the rest of the Media:  you could think of losing a Trump shill as a oxidation-reduction reaction.  The negatively charged Trump shill will just go off and reduce Fox propaganda — make it more negatively charged.  The positively charged MSNBC now balances out the negatively charged Fox.  The universe is still electrically balanced. 

On a more serious note, I thought I would share this little bit of good news.  And I know we all need a little bit of good news lately.