One down, three to go . . .

Friday was the final day of 1st quarter.  It was also the penultimate game for our freshman soccer team.  Both of those events are occasions for another reflection on teaching and related.  If interested in my observations, which will use those as a starting point for broader reflection, please keep reading.  If not, my feelings will not be hurt if you move on without leaving any evidence of having stopped by.

I will start with soccer.  IF my memory is correct, after our 4-2 win over the Junior Varsity of Sidwell Friends (meaning some of the opposing players were sophomores and bigger and faster than many of ours) our record is now 4 wins, 4 losses, and two ties.  That record is somewhat disappointing, and with just a few breaks could have been 7-2-1.  The two goals we gave up, one on a PK and the other on the only corner kick we conceded, were both the ultimate result of 2 of our four defensive lapses in the game.  Regardless of the score, we dominated the game because for only the 2nd time this year we got our players to do what we wanted —  play with your heads up, move the ball on one or two touch passes, move to open spaces, follow shots for rebounds, etc.  The first time we had done that, we had won 8-4, all four goals against coming as the result of defensive mistakes.  Friday we well could have scored ten and should have scored 7, but perhaps the best player on the other team was their goalie.  Four different players scored, the players showed more maturity and with one exception more team spirit that we have seen.  What was most satisfying as coaches was to see them mature —  as players, teammates, and young men.  That was something nice to have at the end of the quarter.

  • October 20, 2019