Summer is the time for distractions from the pandemic. Shuttle launches are also a spectacle that Trump attending makes a distraction from the pandemic.

Driving is another distraction, especially road-trips like the Cannonball Run, still being run, if unofficially. And gas is cheaper, darn it.

26:38 2020 Captain Chaos 2019 Audi A8 106 mph (171 km/h) average. Set during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Unknown Team. Coverage limited to news reporting as of May 2020.[54][55]

Bolian, claiming to have been in contact with the new record-holders, says the new record is less than 26 hours, but did not disclose an exact time in the above video published Thursday. That means the drivers would've had to average at least 108 mph over 2801 miles. Bolian says that through some states, the record-breaking team averaged over 120 mph. The Cannonball insider didn't say which car was used to set the run, nor did he reveal who the driver or drivers were.

The news comes just five weeks after a team took advantage of empty roads stemming from coronavirus pandemic lockdown orders to set a record time of 26 hours 38 minutes. Those drivers were behind the wheel of an Audi A8 equipped with aftermarket fuel tanks strapped to the interior.…

The races have been criticized for their illegality and disregard for public safety.[1] Participants point to a dedicated spotter looking for traffic and obstacles such as deer saying “Safety is paramount for a number of reasons. First we would never want to endanger anyone or ourselves.”[2]

On October 7–9, 2006, Alex Roy, Dave Maher and filmmaker Cory Welles set a transcontinental record of 31 hours 4 minutes from the Classic Car Club NYC to Santa Monica Pier using a modified 2000 BMW M5, averaging 90 mph with a top speed of 157 mph.[16][17] A spotter plane was deployed for the daytime sections. This and the U.S. Express are depicted in the 2019 documentary APEX: The Secret Race Across America.

With an early-production Tesla Model 3, which are delivered to California-based customers only, Alex Roy and co-driver Dan Zorrilla broke the eastbound Electric Cannonball Run record again December 28–31 of 2017, driving 2,860 miles from the Portofino Inn to the Red Ball garage in 50 hours and 16 minutes.[38] GPS data was captured using the GPS Tracks application, and video evidence was shared on YouTube.[39] In July 2019 a family team of Robin Jedi Thomsen, and her parents Lars Thomsen and Betty Legler set a record of 48 hours 10 minutes driving westbound for 2,835 miles (4,562 km) in a Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive Tesla Model 3 between 12–14 July 2019.[40] In August 2019, Kyle Conner and Matthew Davis set a record of 45 hours and 16 minutes driving westbound from New York City to Los Angeles in a Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive Tesla Model 3 which had been modified, including lowering the car for better aerodynamics.[41]…

The Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, widely known as the Cannonball Baker or Cannonball Run, was an unofficial, unsanctioned automobile race run five times in the 1970s from New York City and Darien, Connecticut, on the East Coast of the United States to the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, California. The Cannonball Run races have additionally inspired numerous contemporary efforts by independent teams to set the record time for the route, known as the Cannonball Run Challenge.

Conceived by car magazine writer and auto racer Brock Yates and fellow Car and Driver editor Steve Smith, the first run was not a competitive race as only one team was running. The run was intended both as a celebration of the United States Interstate Highway System and as a protest against strict traffic laws coming into effect at the time. Another motivation was the fun involved, which showed in the tongue-in-cheek reports in Car and Driver and other auto publications worldwide. The initial cross-country run was made by Yates; his son, Brock Yates, Jr.; Steve Smith; and friend Jim Williams beginning on May 3, 1971, in a 1971 Dodge Custom Sportsman van called the “Moon Trash II.”[1]…



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