Once again Senate Candidate Ossoff (D-GA) owned Fox News reporter. Breakthrough to the audience?

Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) gave every Democrat a clinic on how to use Fox News to attack & fact check their own candidate.

Ossoff owns Fox News once again

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Every Democratic candidate should learn from Jon Ossoff how to address the media and effectively use it to make their point as they answer the questions truthfully. Jon Ossoff has become a master at it, as shown in this interview.

Ossoff was asked about a modified financial disclosure, which included details of a Hong Kong company that paid $1000 for his reports on ISIS war crimes. In other words, a non-issue that is based on a dollar value that did not have to be disclosed in that fashion anyway.

Ossoff answered the question but used it and subsequent questions from the reporter as a segue to lay into his Republican opponent, David Perdue. In the process, he used yet another Fox News interview as an “ad” to talk directly to the Fox News audience.

The reporter attempted to use the Hong Kong connection as somehow a connection to China. Ossoff flipped the script and expanded it. He told the Fox News audience that David Perdue built factories in China under relationships with Communist China. In the process, the offshored the jobs of the people he is asking to vote for him.

But he did not stop there. He showed Perdue to be of faulty character as he talked nicely about Trump in public as he disparaged him with rich donors in private.

He spoke about Perdue being against the $2000 stimulus to Americans before being for it a few days before the election. If he disparages Trump, will he really support Trump's $2000 stimulus when McConnell is against it?

Lastly, Ossoff points out that Perdue is so scared of the facts that he would not even debate the young Ossoff. This was a clinic on how to interview with Fox News. He could have been more piercing, but he would have been cut short.

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  • January 1, 2021