On this Christmas day let us remember the role High Broderism played in Trumpism


Because we should every once in a while remember. There were many fathers and mothers to our current social dissolution.  But even though he is dead and cold in the ground we should not forget the role David Broder played in all this.  A deeply judgmental, self-righteous man he looked down from his perch as dean of the Washington press, offering his own elitist, deeply conservative vision of balance. The Bush’s were good and could do no wrong because they were wealthy and protestant and came from the right way of thinking.  Lee Atwater was a bit on the unseemly side but it was something H.W. put up with because he wanted to lead.  The Clintons, they were ugly hippies who needed to be punched regularly. They came in to his town and made a mess of it by not wearing the right ties and white shoes after labor day.  They had to be disdained.  He was the originator of the false balance that came to destroy our political discourse.  He determined what was right and the press corps he oversaw followed.  His spawn was Tim Russert and Britt Hume (does anybody even remember when he was the mainstream of mainstream) and Morton Kondracke.

The damager High Broderism, the need to show balance between Republicans (conservatives) and Democrats (liberals) no matter what the Republicans do, the need to make excuses for right wingers while punching hippies, has done to this country is enormous.  As one of the worst years in American history comes to an end we should remember that one of its architects was David Broder.