On Thanksgiving, some reflections

This is the first time I have posted here in more than 2 weeks. I have read some of what others have offered,  but have not, before today, felt moved enough to sit down and offer anything, thoughts, observations.  Today is the 6th of 10 days away from teaching my more than 100 students.  I am almost caught up with grading, know what I plan to do in the first week (4 days) back, and so have some time to breathe, reflect, and therefore write.

This posting will not have a singular focus, but will ramble across multiple topics, an inevitable product of not having written recently. It will contain observations about where we are as a nation, on personal issues, on wondering about things that have not yet happened, and offering reflections and reactions on recent events.

I am not sure of what interest or value it will be to anyone else, but I offer it on the chance that at least some of it may speak to some who encounter it.

Continue reading or not — that is your choice and I totally respect whatever it might be.

  • November 26, 2020