Whatever else you want to say about Omarosa Manigault-Newman (and there are a lot of negative things to say, including that she once thought Donald Trump was more human than swamp ogre), she’s been playing the media and the Trump administration like a fiddle over the past few days — whereas Trump and his crew have been a bit more like the ukulele player in the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band. 

For one thing, she exposed professional liar Katrina Pierson in a (shocker) lie today when she released a tape of a conference call — a call that Pierson insisted never happened — about the alleged Trump n-word tape.

And now she’s dropping ominous hints about what comes next — including that the person who allegedly played her the alleged n-word tape after she put her alleged book to bed is going to go public with it before the midterm elections.

In an interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball yesterday, Omarosa said she believes that person is prepared to use the tape to make some political hay … when the time is right:

MATTHEWS: When you heard the tape, did you get a sense … that the person who has the tape, or a copy of it, is planning to use it at some point?

MANIGAULT-NEWMAN: Yes, in fact, I believe that they’re using it for politically motivated things. In fact, they …

MATTHEWS: Before November?

MANIGAULT-NEWMAN: Before November.


MATTHEWS: Are they Democrats?

MANIGAULT-NEWMAN: I don’t know what their political [crosstalk], but I can tell that they used to be a part of the production staff for The Apprentice, and they … took it on themselves to actually document this so that they could actually expose him for the racist that he is.

The entire interview is embedded below.

Oh, and Omarosa also said she thinks Trump hates Barack Obama because he’s black … but that’s not really news now, is it?


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