When we don’t vote for war, and our wars are both economic and militaristic what else fits?

We still have a sort of democracy, where we get to vote for our representatives every now and then.

Where it falls apart is that our representatives can’t even be bothered to vote whether we should still be at war or not. This decision now resides  with the President alone, a dangerous position to be in when looking at the Presidential race.

Perhaps our representatives don’t like being seen to vote for never ending war, perhaps it may even negatively affect their own intended Presidential runs when the results of their votes are actually seen?

It saves them having to call getting hundreds of thousands killed for no apparent reason, a mistake.

It saves them having to vote again when everything goes wrong and we are proposing more of exactly what went wrong in the first place.

At least the British, French and Germans had a vote to assist the US which has been bombing ISIS for four years with some 9000 bombing missions already with a few bombing missions more. We all know that these few extra bombing missions will change everything? Right? However, at least those that believe this will be in the historic record.

The Russian Parliament voted for action in Syria in September

Russia's upper house of parliament has voted to allow the military to be deployed in Syria, paving the way for air strikes on the militant Islamic State (IS) group.

Within hours of the decision, US officials said Russia appeared to have carried out its first attack.

Their apparent reasons were somewhat different than our own, the support of Assad, and on the face of it was a more democratic act than our own.

We now have troops on the ground, we have effectively declared war, yet our democracy has failed to even notice this fact. Some may argue that our current President is a reluctant warrior chief, but the vast majority of those running for President in 2016 are not in any way reluctant.

The voices of those against the decisions have not been heard, they are silenced in the current jingoistic climate. The military budget passes without a murmur, and if you do say anything at all “you hate our troops” and most definitely you are a “terrorist sympathizer”. This reminds me of the days after 9-11, “how’s is it going so far” is the only logical reply.

Will our representatives only act when a new President says “no more war” because what is really needed is more of the same? The way I look at it now is, if they vote to fund any military expenditure then they are in effect voting for more of the same, it’s the only piece of democracy that seems to be functioning, everything else is a fiasco and risks government shut downs.

It’s much more logical to throw billions of dollars of weapons to destroy another country than invest in our own?

It’s much more logical to whine about the costs of public health care than flood the VA with more wounded veterans?

It’s much more logical to surrender rights of our own people so that we can fight them over there, when they are already here. After all, it is not as if we have created the current bloody chaos over there and radicalized those over here.

After all they must be destroyed! Bomb! Eventually rather than creating more we will start reducing the numbers, believe me. Once we have destroyed enough we can start to build, obviously with no bid contracts.

An oligarchical militocracy is basically Imperialism, look how the British Empire spread through India via the East India Company. Eventually rather than being secular, the company became a supporter of Christian missionaries and the superiority of the white race/western civilization, that signaled the end of Empire and that is for another diary entirely.

Every time I hear “exceptionalism”, “we wouldn’t do that that”, “collateral damage” and “fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here” I know the propaganda is in working order. When I hear “but you have to give up some rights” I know we are losing the battle.

The worst is silence, then I know we are in deep trouble. Like now the MSF Kunduz bombing has been completely dealt with as an oopsey, because basically, the military is untouchable. The Presidency itself may be [already] up for sale to the highest bidder.

Nice to think that we still live a democracy, no?

Just a thought

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