Okay, slowly now, Why you need to wear a mask even though everybody is vaccinated

So I just read a perfect description of punditry in the United States.  Talking in an authoritative manner about things you know nothing about, and really have not even thought through superficially.  Everybody should get the vaccine to save their own lives and to save our health care system.  Basically for selfish reasons and you are stupid if you don’t get it.  But the vaccine does not mean your body cannot host the virus.  From what I have read the virus initially lives in your nose, which, connected to the idea that it is airborne, but honestly you don’t have to worry about washing your hands that much (You should still wash your hands for other reasons).

But as long as the virus survives you should still wear a mask (yes, I understand that viruses continue to survive no matter what — we are talking from a relative perspective — infection rate is extremely low).  BUT YOU SHOULD STILL WEAR A MASK.  Charles Darwin explained the reason, he called it adaptation through descent with modification (Darwin did not call it evolution until late in his career because the damned Spencerites forced him to).  Why?

Every living organism because has two possibilities. It can mutate or it can become extinct.  As long as it is surviving it is working towards survival, which means it is working with adaptation.  Virus’ are the type of organisms that need a host to survive. It is continuously trying to mutate (no it doesn’t have agency, I just can’t think of another way to say it) in order to survive. So let’s recap.  You can be vaccinated, but that keeps you from getting sick, it does not keep you from hosting the virus.  As a matter of fact being vaccinated is more dangerous in terms of virus adaptation because you don’t realize you have it and do not quarantine yourself, allowing the virus to survive.  As it enters each body it interacts with the human organism in different ways.  It is attempting to find ways to survive in the human body.  Eventually, given enough opportunities, it will find the right host and will be able to mutate so that it is no affected by natural or vaccine resistance.  This may be bad for the original host, but it is terrible if the mutated virus then spreads to another host, and then another one after that.  The chances are this will happen, if the virus is finding more and more hosts the odds that this will happen increase. You need to keep viruses from being able to find new hosts, so that the odds work in our favor. There are two ways to do this. Have a lock down for a few months, the best alternative but people are not going to do that. Or to have people wearing masks — N-95 is best but any mask will help.

The way the Spanish Flu was defeated was by having complete lock downs.  This occurred only after a high number of children and young adults died.  This was the result of a mutation.  I don’t even know if our society is capable of this anymore.  But having idiot savant statisticians scream we should stop wearing masks because they believe Darwin is a city in Australia.  That is so dangerous.

  • November 8, 2021