Okay, let's tweak the Franken/Tweeden story a bit and see what we think.


Okay, let’s tweak the Franken story a bit, turn it around so say Tweeden was a accusing a staunch Republican with no history of sexual misconduct like Jeff Flake.  Let’s call this person Tweeden II. I will Okay,let’s tweak the Franken story a bit, turn it around so say Tweeden was aaccusing a staunch Republican with no history of sexual misconduct like JeffFlake.  Let’s call this person TweedenII. I will try to make an equivalent story, but as I found thinking this through there are no democratic equivalences for much of it so I had to be creative.

Right off the bat,

Antifafa posts a Youtube video saying Jeff Flake is about to go down

Antifa = Roger Stone

I actually think this is not fair to Antifa which is a group of people with many different sides and motivations, and some of what they do is necessary it not good.  I struggled for a long time to think about a democratic dirty trickster similar to Stone and couldn’t come up with any.  Antifa is similar in that it has a dark reputation with many people and their inclusion in any type of thing makes it suspect.

A few hours later David Brock and media matters appear on their television show with a woman who claims Flake groped and kissed her.

David Brock = Sean Hannity

Again, David Brock doesn’t have a national television show and he is nowhere near the nihilistic partisan that Sean Hannity is, but it is the best I could do.

This woman has appeared on Brock’s national show multiple times previously denouncing Republicans.

This woman has her own hyper-partisan radio show.

The woman has a past as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist claiming that Bush knew before hand about the attack but wanted to use it to invade Iraq.

0/11 conspiracy theory = birther. The fact that this comparison isn’t made more, well….

The woman was also part of a group that brought down defense secretary Robert Gates by re-editing a video praising the troops and talking about the roles that immigrants have played in our military to make it seem like he was making overtly racist points about how our military should not have immigrants.

Robert Gates (made up because there is no equivalent) = Shirley Sherrod

To prove her point this woman releases a photo saying it shows that Jeff Flake groped her.  On cursory inspection it does not show any groping at all, just a stupid (yes sexist) joke made by many, many males over time immemorial.

This woman says beforehand there were absolutely no witnesses for the kiss so don’t bother to look for them.

What would be the reaction to somebody who diaries this story. I have been on DKOS a long time.  What I think is that the community would descend on this diary.  It would be flagged. People would be howling that we live in a reality based community.  People would be saying we can’t be promoting stories like this because in the end it hurts us. If even one diary made the rec list there would be five diaries asking what the hell we are doing and lamenting that this is what DKOS has descended to.  Ironically people would be making the argument that we don’t do this, that we are better than this.  Just let the whole thing play out but this woman is not to be trusted.  I have seen it before and it’s my estimation of what would happen.  A very small minority would be defending this woman.  

Do yuu disagree?  I’m asking you to be honest here.