I am so tired of writing about people committing suicide because of willful ignorance promoted by the COVID-19 charlatans they listen to day in and out.

It is easy to talk about natural selection or that this veteran was a victim of his own gullibility. Humaneness demand that we hold those who promote the idea that COVID-19 is not as serious as it is for political and financial gain accountable.

Suicide by COVID-19 denying

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We have do made our population ignorant to science and logical thinking, This allows controlling forces to lead them just about anywhere. Until we demand that we make science our foundation guided by independent thinking, the manipulation that occurs in the country will create the results that this man who fought for our country has gone through.

It is ironic that those pushing a type of life governed by natural selection claim to be pro-life and Christian. Ironically the Bible speaks of these types often. The Pharisees come to mind.

Ohio army vet who refused to wear face mask dies of coronavirus

An Ohio Army vet who refused to wear a face mask because he didn’t want to buy into “that damn hype” died of coronavirus complications on the Fourth of July.

Richard Rose, 37, of Port Clinton, who served for nine years, including two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, died at his home, according to an online obituary.

Back on April 28, he posted that he was ignoring official recommendations to wear a face mask amid the deadly pandemic.

“Let [me] make this clear,” Rose wrote. “I’m not buying a f—ing mask. I’ve made it this far by not buying into that damn hype.”

In the wake of his death, that post has been shared about 18,000 times, as hundreds of commenters

Source: Ohio army vet who refused to wear face mask dies of coronavirus

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