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Oh What A Lovely War

Now with Britain also joining in the fun.

Strategy what strategy?

Asked if there was a coherent plan for defeating Isis, Gen Mike Flynn, who retired last year after three years as the head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency, told the Guardian in an interview: “No. No. We don’t [have one] at all. It’s totally incoherent and it’s piecemeal.”

The building up of ISIS into some form of international power; allowing for the consideration that is somehow centralized and has tangible assets that can be bombed to bring it down, goes on:

The battle against Islamic State will be long and protracted, the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has said in broadcast interviews. Defeating Isis in Iraq would be difficult enough but destroying it in Syria, the campaign the UK has now joined, was going to be much harder.

There is a plan of sorts – helping both the Iraqi army and the Kurds – for retaking Iraqi territory held by Isis. But nothing remotely coherent by way of a strategy for destroying Isis in Syria. It is optimistically based on air power and a small band of US special forces.

So all this buzzing around in multi-million dollar jets with bombs costing over a hundred thousand dollars a pop is really just for domestic consumption. See we are being strong on defense, whatever.

I have not heard one coherent plan how peace will actually be won since those doing the fighting and bombing in Syria have very different objectives.

You cannot win a war without winning the peace as Iraq and Afghanistan have amply shown.

What would be definable as a victory and when do you actually stop fighting because everyone is talking of years for ISIS alone. The real issue of Syria has been lost in mutual bloodlust, and all the warmongering pomposity from a lectern and calling all who disagree “terrorist sympathizers” is just really blowing hot air. Thank you Mr Cameron for that show of bloviating bravery.

Millions of Syrians both those who have fled and those that remain face a long depressing and fear filled winter. Perhaps they deserve a better plan than bomb and to hell with it? Do you think that the rest of the Middle East will be impressed by our vainglorious adventures, or will they merely see it as more murderous Imperialism? Will this stem the tides of radicalism? Will this dent the flow of money to ISIS?

We are not facing armies at our borders, our countries risk in no way occupation. Yet we cannot after so many years come up with a better plan than bomb?

The original plan, if there actually was any at all, at least had a ring to it “spreading democracy” whereas the only actual result was spreading war and misery across the whole region.

When members of ISIS disperse into the country can you then claim victory even if they morph into something else, or is the real plan just more of the same, for as long as the money remains to fuel the jets?

The plan at home is for deradicalization, it is a bit of an uphill battle when your whole plan results in further radicalization of your own citizens. This is also increased by further talk of now very strong extreme right wing political organizations causing panic and fear among moderates.

I will always maintain this is a battle of ideologies, but when our ideology is one of vengeful destruction, it is lost before you start.  Imperialism both past and present has left its mark not only on the landscape, but on the people, more of the same, can only result in the same.

We will tell you what type of rule you are going to have, and if you don’t like it, and if we then we decide that we don’t like it either, then the chaos will go on. It’s hard to believe that this is a winning recipe, just one with added salt in the wounds.

Rinse and repeat, because as everyone knows, it’s bound to have a different result.

Now what of Syria, or doesn’t anyone really care?

Bombs away.

Then the ground war that will inevitably follow, when the bombs don’t stop the carnage.

Eventually peace negotiations will have to take place, well if you want peace that is and that will get further away the more the extreme right is listened to in our own fading democracies. From fear we risk giving it all away.

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