Oh the HORROR! McConnell and Chao Face Protesters!

911 Operator:  What is your emergency?

Civility Watch:  I want to report some vile leftist protesters are giving Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, a hard time about Trump’s immigration policy!

911 Operator: Where did this crime against civil society occur?  Was it at the Red Hen restaurant?

Civility Watch:  No!  The dirty f***ing hippies were at Georgetown University! They accosted the poor couple as they left a dinner!

911 Operator:  So the Senator and his wife were able to eat both the appetizer and the main course undisturbed?

Civility Watch:  Yes!  Thank Heaven!  And they were able to squeeze in dessert too!

911 Operator:  Does anybody require an ambulance?

Civility Watch:  Secretary Chao may have injured her finger as she wagged it and told the The dirty f***ing hippies,

 “You leave my husband alone. Leave my husband alone.”

911 Operator:  Please stay on the line.  I have contacted the Civility Police.

Civility Watch:  OK.  I pray that Fred Hiatt can get here in time!  Oh the humanities!