OH, NV, AZ, MN & WI-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Helps These Democrats Take Back The Senate

Received two e-mails today from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA). The first one in support of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s (D. OH) re-election campaign:

Senate Banking Committee ranking member Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, asks a question of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as he testifies before the Senate Banking Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, on the Financial Stability Oversight Council. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D. OH)

President Trump and Vice President Pence are doing their best to see Sherrod defeated.

A new poll shows Sherrod and his opponent, a multi-millionaire Republican Congressman, within a four-point margin. I’m worried about Sherrod’s re-election. We cannot afford to lose Sherrod's voice in the Senate.

Can you help reach his FEC goal of $655,000 with a contribution?

Sherrod is facing a lot of obstacles in this election. But if I had my guess, you support Sherrod for the same reasons I do: He's a champion for families, he doesn't listen to special interests, and no matter what happens, he always puts Americans' needs before politics.

Let's make sure he reaches his FEC goal. Whether you can match Team Sherrod's average online contribution of $26, or just chip in $3 or $5 — every bit goes a long way.

Thank you for joining me in supporting Sherrod.

Elizabeth Warren

Click here to donate to Brown’s re-election campaign.

The second is in support of these four female Democrats:

2018 can be the year that Democrats take back the Senate – thanks to some amazing women in Congress.

We have less than two months to make sure Jacky Rosen in Nevada and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona flip their Senate seats – and to make sure Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin and Tina Smith in Minnesota stay in the Senate. These women are passionate, smart, and fearless – and we need more of that backbone in Washington.

But all four of these women are also facing tough fights. Giant corporations and megadonors are going to keep pouring buckets of money into these states over the next eight weeks. If we’re going to flip Congress in November, we absolutely must win these seats. And this grassroots army is going to help push our candidates over the top.

EMILY's List – a terrific organization that works to elect more pro-choice women – has set a big goal for Jacky Rosen and Kyrsten Sinema today. And we also can't take anything for granted, so I'm raising money for Tammy Baldwin and Tina Smith’s campaigns, too.

Please make a donation to Jacky, Kyrsten, Tammy, and Tina’s campaigns to help us take back the Senate in November.

Here are some updates on these campaigns:

  • Jacky Rosen (Nevada): Jacky has been a powerful fighter for Nevada's working families as the Representative for Nevada's 3rd Congressional District. Right now, she’s in a dead heat with Dean Heller – the only incumbent Republican Senator who is running in a state that Trump lost. A Mitch McConnell-backed Super PAC is spending $11.2 million on TV ads against Jacky. We helped Catherine Cortez Masto fight back against the attack ads and win in 2016 – now we need to do the same thing for Jacky Rosen in 2018.
  • Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Kyrsten is running neck and neck with her Republican opponent, Martha McSally, for Arizona’s Senate seat. McSally’s got Mitch McConnell’s army of billionaires behind her, and a right-wing Super PAC has already reserved $5 million in ads to prop up her campaign – which isn’t surprising, since McSally votes in lockstep with the Republican agenda. But that doesn’t scare Kyrsten – and we can’t let it scare us, either. We need to help Kyrsten fight back and flip this Senate seat.

  • Tina Smith (Minnesota): Tina is a fighter and strong new member of the Senate, and she has hit the ground running. She’s fought to protect Medicaid and women’s health, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. But Donald Trump barely lost Minnesota in 2016, and Republican megadonors think they have a shot at winning this special election. Last month, a pro-Trump Super PAC launched its first attack ad against Tina. Despite the right-wing mud being thrown at her, she won her primary – but she's going to need a lot more help to fight back.
  • Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin): Tammy is another top target for Republicans. In 2016, Russ Feingold lost his Senate race and Donald Trump turned Wisconsin red for the first time in over 30 years – and they’re desperate to keep it that way. The powerful interests have already spent $12 million (and counting) to defeat Tammy and elect Leah Vukmir, a Republican who supports efforts to gut health care protections for people with pre-existing conditions. We need to keep Tammy in the Senate fighting for Wisconsin's working families.

Think about what’s at stake this November: This fight isn’t just about winning back the majority in Congress. It’s about fighting for America’s working families.

We’re fighting for access to health care, for making sure men aren’t the ones making decisions about women’s bodies, and for equal pay for equal work. We’re fighting for a Supreme Court that won’t take our country backwards. And we’re fighting to level the playing field.

Jacky, Kyrsten, Tina, and Tammy can win in November and take back the Democratic majority in the Senate – but they need your help right now to fight. Please donate now to help EMILY’s List hit their goal. Even $5 makes a big difference.

Thanks for being a part of this,


Click here to donate to Rosen, Sinema, Smith and Baldwin’s campaigns.