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Oh no, she didn't.

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This is remarkable.

Ivanka tweets some gobbledygook about how daddy has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10 percent last year.  This is a lie; the emissions drop she references is not from 2019, but 2020. Sneaky she is.

And the drop in emissions is due to daddy’s ineptitude in dealing with a pandemic that has killed a quarter of a million Americans (so far anyway), all of whom her father had sworn to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic. Cruelty and callousness don’t fall far from the mango tree. 



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Mark Kaufman writes:

What the tweet fails to explicate, and perhaps Ivanka Trump fails to comprehend, is that carbon emissions fell significantly in 2020 because of the largely uncontrolled COVID-19 disease outbreak in the U.S., not bold actions by her father Donald Trump's administration to radically curb carbon emissions. (In laughable contrast, this administration selected a dubious climate adviser who believes the planet is in dire need of more CO2.)

The 9.2 percent drop Ivanka Trump references is taken from a recent energy report published by the research organization BloombergNEF. The researchers found that amid a pandemic that's killed well over a quarter of a million Americans, emissions from the travel sector (unsurprisingly) plummeted dramatically by some 14 percent. For much of the year, many Americans stayed home and often limited travel to avoid spreading the coronavirus, a microbial parasite that uses hosts (us) to spread. What's more, BloombergNEF estimated that emissions from the U.S. power sector fell by over 10 percent, along with a drop of close to 7 percent in the industrial sector as demand in the greater economy sagged. Yet, Bloomberg expects emissions to rebound in the coming years as the pandemic wanes.

In a dark way, the Trump administration did unwittingly usher in a big drop in carbon emissions, the largest decline since the early 1980s, according to BloombergNEF, by allowing the virus to infect millions of Americans. Though billions in taxpayer dollars have been used to incentivize the rapid creation of vaccines (“Operation Warp Speed“), there has been no coherent, coordinated national plan to curb the coronavirus as it surged through the population multiple times this year.

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