Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt. This tweet really didn't age well

This Matt Gaetz scandal is probably a good thing for our country. If his head got any bigger, it might rip a hole in space-time.

As it is, things appear to be getting worse and worse for the flesh-toned Tootsie Pop.

He should probably be scrubbing his Twitter account in light of today’s revelation that he’s under investigation for an alleged sex-trafficking incident involving an underage girl, but if he is, he’s obviously not using the right search terms, because this tweet is still available:

Here’s a screengrab in case he does get around to pulling it down after clumsily trying to explain why he’s standing naked in Chris Hansen’s kitchen with a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade:

Uh, not the best optics there, Matt. Well, at least you weren’t the lone member of Congress to vote against a sex trafficking bi …

Oh, shit.

Never mind.

P.S.: I kind of wanted to make the headline for this post “Big Head Clod Is a Monster,” but I wasn’t sure everyone would get the reference.

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  • March 31, 2021
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