OH-Gov: Mike DeWine (R) Exposed For Tanking A Sexual Harassment Case To Protect His Political Allies

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The Huffington Post has a must-read piece out today regarding the Republican nominee in the upcoming Governor’s race in Ohio:

Mike DeWine, the attorney general and Republican nominee to replace Gov. John Kasich, had placed a law firm with deep ties to Republicans in charge of investigating sexual harassment claims against a longtime GOP power broker. It was exactly the kind of cronyism that has lately attracted greater scrutiny. The lawmaker had even spent decades working for the firm.

So far, DeWine, who is in a close race to preserve Republicans’ total grip on Ohio politics, has weathered the scandal. But a few have argued it’s part of a pattern: DeWine and his office have been accused twice before of intervening in sexual harassment investigations that implicated people close to him.

In 2013, DeWine inserted himself into the sexual harassment investigation of a friend and senior official in his office, by forcing the state’s investigator to disclose the identity of a confidential source in the probe. He then personally recommended that a local prosecutor bring a dubious criminal charge against the investigator, who had been reluctant to reveal the source’s name. The prosecutor, a fellow Republican, refused.

Then, in 2014, in a separate investigation, DeWine’s office made the unusual move of overturning a report that faulted a supervisor in DeWine’s office for ignoring complaints about sexual harassment.

In other words, the latest scandal is far from the first time DeWine has appeared to taint an investigation. It’s not even the first case of DeWine appearing to assist a political ally or friend.

Click the link above, It details the whole history of DeWine doing whatever it takes to protect his political friends. It really goes to show how corrupt DeWine is and why he can’t be Governor. We are on the verge of flipping this seat and we need to make sure Richard Cordray (D. OH) and his fellow Ohio Democrats are ready to win. Click below to donate and get involved with their campaigns:

Sherrod Brown for Senate

Richard Cordray for Governor

Danny O’Connor (D. OH-12) 

Aftab Purveal (D. OH-01)

Betsy Rader (D. OH-14)

Rick Neal (D. OH-15)

Kathleen Clyde for Secretary of State

Zack Space for Auditor

Rob Richardson for Treasurer

Steve Dettelbach for Attorney General

  • August 16, 2018