OH-Gov: Cordray (D) Continues To Slam DeWine (R) For Doing A Lousy Job Handling The Opioid Crisis

Received this e-mail today from Richard Cordray’s (D. OH) gubernatorial campaign:

Richard Cordray (D. OH)

Almost eight years ago, Mike DeWine became the Ohio Attorney General. His job was to keep Ohioans safe from crime.

The result? On his watch, opioid deaths have more than tripled—now killing 14 Ohioans each day. The death rate of Ohioans from opioid abuse is now more than twice the national average and the worst in the country except for West Virginia. If he had just kept the problem contained as it was when I was the Attorney General, almost 10,000 more Ohioans would be alive today.

And it’s not just the deaths that make this crisis so tragic. Opioid addiction affects families, friends, and the communities of those who are addicted and struggling to recover.

Now, he wants us to believe he has a plan to solve the crisis. He’s talked about appointing an “opioid czar” in Columbus to fight the problem. Well, as I said in the Dayton debate: We’ve had an “opioid czar” in Ohio for the past eight years, and his name is Mike DeWine. When you see him, tell him he’s done a lousy job.

Add your name to tell Mike DeWine he’s done a lousy job defending us from the opioid crisis.

The fact is, Mike DeWine has overseen one of the worst drug epidemics in our history. Drug dealers have had their way in Ohio while he has been in charge. And as I also said in the Dayton debate, the idea that we’d now listen to him on drug policy, given his dismal record on the opioid problem, is like asking for navigation advice from the captain of the Titanic.

Mike DeWine was supposed to keep us safe. Add your name to tell him he’s done a lousy job.

Thanks for all your work,


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