Oh Goody! Deval Patrick Is Considering Joining the Democratic Race for President. /s.

You know that the Media is bored and wants to write and report about something different with regards to the Democratic presidential race when Katy Tur on MTP Daily covers Deval Patrick’s bid to join the race:


A guy who is working for Bain Capital wants to jump into the presidential race.  Great.  Just what Democrats need.  I suppose Patrick will claim that his work for a company run by Mitt Romney shows his “reaching across the aisle.”

Do us a favor Deval.  Manage those accounts at Bain Capital and leave the presidential race to those who have already been working at it for many months now.

As both Nate Silver and Eric Boehlert have pointed out, there is no ground swell of support for more Democrats to jump into the race for president.  Estimates for Democratic voter satisfaction with the current field run from 65 to 83%.  And this field already has a TON of candidates in it.  It is a highly diverse field, and the ideology and policies run the gamut.

But NOOOOOOOOO!  We are bored in the Media!  We want a “white knight” to jump in and upend the race!  The candidates who are running are so weak or unelectable!

Shit.  We can barely get any of the weaker candidates to leave the race, and this is despite the DNC’s debate rules.  And if we get in more candidates, the race will become a joke.  The Media will say, “Look at it!  DEMOCRATS IN DISARRAY!”  This because the Democrats cannot coalesce around one candidate. 

Newflash to the Media:  it’s a PRIMARY race.  Democrats don’t come around to supporting one candidate until there is some actual VOTING.  And with this many candidates already, it is going to be difficult for Democratic voters to coalesce around any particular candidate because of the choices we have.

Hell, I want my candidate to be running the field now, but I have to wait until some voting happens.  Until then, this is the field we have, and every other Democratic voter is going to take their time to make any decisions.  However, we are going to have to listen to the Media moan about the current field and hype “news” about a potential white knight.


  • November 12, 2019