OK, I was browsing and saw this and did not know if it was even a real thing but apparantely it is.   Someone is going to have to sedate him soon.   

This is his latest tweet.


Someone on another blog said, Oh good Lord he has developed Multiple Personality Disorder, maybe he will invent one that will arrest himself.  I did not know whether to laugh or cry.   Look at the comments.


Another comment:

Replying to

Save the Post Office


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Now if this is not cray cray..I have no idea what is.  Can someone tell me where his keeper is and why is he at a rally instead of a funeral?   HIS BROTHER IS DEAD AND LYING IN STATE, SOMEWHERE.

He will be worse AFTER the convention and during.   Buckle up Buddies.  We are in for one crazy ride while logs are floating turds with R’s by their name   They have zoned out completely because he has LOST it and they don’t care.

The truth is, he reminds me of an arsonist setting fire to everything and then screaming… “ Fire”  Help….We are burning up here. 
I want to scream.   “ OMG, get him out of there.  Today.”  
Do not go near 5th Avenue.  I would not.   Seriously.  He has to leave power before he goes literally postal.

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