O’Donnell destroys Buttigieg use of GOP deficit talking point against Democrats

Pete Buttigieg, the current Democratic Party’s forced star, spent time lying about the Democratic Party as he used GOP talking points to describe the party’s stance on deficits.

Pete Buttigieg false statement on Democrats and deficits

“My party’s not known for worrying about deficits and the debt too much,” Pete Buttigieg said. “But it’s time for us to start getting into that business because what we’ve seen in Washington is that the party that talked a lot about the deficit when they were trying to kill off programs when it came time for the corporate tax cuts, it turns out, they don’t care. There is a trillion-dollar deficit now and created under a Republican administration which means if my party doesn’t start getting interested in deficits, then nobody will.”

It is hard to understand the need of centrist Democrats to attach themselves to Republican talking points. Recently Klobuchar maligned progressive policies by using the GOP free-stuff moniker while speaking to Chris Matthews. Also, we must not forget Michael Bennet’s attack on Medicare for All where he used GOP talking points as well.

The truth is, it is hard enough to fight off Republican obstructionists. Adding some of our own to the mix is a recipe for continual policy failure,