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Odds and Ends on McConnell and Bevin.

Kentucky has the dubious honor to have elected some of the most evil and stupid people possible to government positions — Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Matt Bevin.  Given Trump’s government shutdown defeat, I was watching a lot of TV — MSNBC — and scanning local and state media for the latest on our rogues gallery of politicos.  Here are odds and ends on that score:

  • I can’t recall which reporter on MSNBC provided this juicy tidbit — sorry I don’t a transcript or link — about Mitch McConnell.  Supposedly, McConnell called Trump last night with the bad news that McConnell could no longer suppress a budding rebellion among Senate Republicans.  I have not heard anyone else confirm this bit of lovely news, except for the Washington Post’s article on the Republican lunch where that idiot Ron Johnson told McConnell “This is all your fault!”, but it would explain why Trump caved today.  And it would also explain why McConnell is NOT out their crowing how he helped broker Trump’s capitulation.

Anyone seen the evil snapping turtle on TV today?  I know I haven’t.

Remember, McConnell has tied himself to Trump like Ahab to the white whale Moby Dick.  I cannot imagine that Trump supporters in KY are going to be thinking kindly about McConnell letting Trump get his ass beat.

  • Tea Party lunatic and ”kill everyone on the Medicaid expansion done through the ACA” Governor Matt Bevin has announced he is running for re-election this year.  It is going to be fun to watch him run again.
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