If you live long enough, life does become like that Elton John Song, “I’ve Seen that Movie Too.”  I’m thinking about Kavanaugh and the SCOTUS, or I should say this is another version of the Clarence Thomas appointment to the SCOTUS.  An unfit partisan hack is being foisted on us all with another depressingly formulaic plot.  

Let’s go to the latest charge against Kavanaugh of attempted rape.  

I’m with Charlie Pierce on this:

 I, for example, went to an all-boys Catholic high school, just as Kavanaugh did. I can say with perfect honesty that I didn't know 65 girls while I was in high school, let alone 65 who would know me enough to vouch for my gentlemanliness four decades later. And I am supposed to believe that Grassley and his staff mustered these women in the past two days? That dog slumbers on the porch and will not hunt. The Republicans on the committee knew, and they knew there might be some substance behind it, and they had a rapid-response document ready to go. And…

 I went to all-boys Catholic high school 40 years ago.  I can safely say that I NEVER knew 65 girls back in my high school days.  Lord knows I tried to know as many girls as possibly, but it was a little tough because 1) I was a high school nerd and 2) there were NO GIRLS around me most of the day.  

The lies and absurdity pushed by Grassley and his ilk is so mind numbing.

Back in the day with Thomas, Republicans brought out multiple women who said that Thomas never sexually harassed them.  Men who commit sexual harassment or try to rape women do not have to harass or try to rape EVERY woman they encounter.  It’s an absurd argument, but Republicans are doing it again with Kavanaugh.

There were other women to corroborate Anita HIll’s allegations against Thomas.  The Senate Judiciary Committe decided not to call them.  Then Chairman Biden caved to the Republicans.  This is worse than a stain on Joe Biden and the other Democrats.  It’s a huge reason why I’ve have not been a Joe Biden fan.

Personal note:  Thomas ran the EEOC and was accused of ignoring age discrimination cases.  My Mother was one of those cases.  She was 60 years old and was let go from her position along with everyone else that was over 40 years old at her place of employment.  Thomas dismissed her case along with her fellow employees, most of whom never found equivalent work again.

So yeah, we have a guy who sexually harassed women and lied during his testimony before Congress on the SCOTUS.  And we have gotten to see Thomas’ record during all that time.  Hell, even Scalia said that Thomas was a right wing nut.  

The only difference this time is that Republicans are clearly in charge of the process, and they are hellbent to get Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS.  Republicans do not care if the guy breaks laws — perjury for one.  Kavanaugh is a reliable conservative Republican, and that is all that counts.

The only difference to these movies is that Democrats have a chance to at least let Republicans do the crime this time without driving the getaway car.  As pointed out time and time again, all the Senate Democrats can vote, “NO!” on Kavanaugh and leave it to the Republicans to get Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS.  Let Murkowski and Collins sell out the American people.

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