OBSCENE PROJECTION: Voter fraud is really a Republican thing?

Sometimes, it is nothing but a projection when one accuses another of ill-doing. It turns out voter fraud has been a Republican thing.

Projection anyone?

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This story, along with many others, just so the lengths Republican politicians and operatives would go towards voter suppression and voter fraud.And now the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick is playing games as well.

Thousands of applications for mail-in ballots submitted by Texas voters have been delayed — and some voters may ultimately not receive ballots — because Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ‘s campaign instructed eligible voters to send requests for absentee ballots to the Texas secretary of state’s office instead of their local elections offices.

A mass mailing by Patrick went out to Republican voters across the state in January, ahead of the March primary, and included a two-page letter emblazoned with the seal of his office encouraging voters to submit the requests following “three easy steps.” The problem was the third step, which instructed voters to return the applications in an enclosed reply envelope that was addressed to the state.

The lieutenant governor’s campaign said it used the secretary of state’s address because “many Republican voters are rightly suspicious of Blue County election officials.”

“The decision to direct return mail to the Secretary of State (SOS), someone who is trusted and respected, gave voters an added layer of comfort,” Allen Blakemore, a campaign consultant for Patrick, wrote in an email.

What Dan Patrick has done will affect thousands of Texans. Interestingly I am personally dealing with this vote-by-mail inconvenience issue that the Republican Texas Legislature inflicted on Texans. I am in Washington DC to assist my daughter’s recovery from a stroke. I submitted a vote-by-mail ballot application. They allowed one to fax it in. Both of us faxed it in. They denied both applications. The application states in tiny letters that even though one faxes the application, they must receive the paper copies into the office four days after. These types of tactics are what voter suppression looks like too often. Make it as difficult to abide by the procedure so that many will decide not to bother. And they are making the bet that most of those will be Democrats.

Republican politicians and operatives use every tactic possible to deceive to win with policies the American people ultimately reject. We cannot allow them to win with this type of fraud.

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  • February 22, 2022