Obama: Trump is 'jealous of COVID's media coverage'

Obama is on the stump, stumpin’ for Joe. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.



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OBAMA: “And what’s his closing argument? That people are too focused on COVID. He said this at one of his rallies. ‘COVID, COVID, COVID,’ he’s complaining. He’s jealous of COVID’s media coverage. If he had been focused on COVID from the beginning, cases wouldn’t be reaching new record highs across the country this week.”

I would think this is ridiculous hyperbole if he said it about anyone else but, yes, come to think of it, Trump is jealous of COVID’s notoriety. Trump wants it to be all about him all the time. Make COVID Time magazine’s person of the year and he’ll really flip out. 

At this point, COVID is already Trump’s running mate — and not just because it’s marginally more human than Mike Pence. I’ll let you decide whether COVID should be at the top of the ticket or in the veep slot. Honestly, you could make a pretty credible argument for either.

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