Obama calls out Trump for taking a claim to the Obama Economy handed to him.

Obama is speaking up about Donald Trump's claim to the economy both he and Biden worked to rebuild. He made it clear it is a farce.

Obama made it clear Trump did nothing for the economy

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Former President Obama did not allow Donald Trump to get away with the provably false statements that somehow he had the best economy in American history. It is a lie, and Obama made the truth clear as he rallied for Joe Biden in Florida.

The former president pointed out that in the last year of the Obama/Biden administration, they created 1.5 million more jobs than the Trump administration's first three years. You will not hear that statement from Trump.

The former president said unemployment was steadily going down during his administration. Trump inherited a declining unemployment rate and did nothing to change the trajectory. So it was just a continuation of the Obama/Biden economy after the Great Recession.

The former president said the Trump economy's first three years fell short of the Obama/Biden last three years. So much for building the best economy.

A damning statistic that Donald Trump will have to live with is that he is the first president since Herbert Hoover to leave the office with fewer jobs than when he entered. It is clear Trump hates the word loser, but it made something he will have to get used to sooner rather than later.

The former president dispelled the lies about Trump being better for minorities and blacks in particular. All in all, he completely decimated the fa├žade.

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  • October 25, 2020