NYT Says Up to 3% of All Credit Card Fraud Claims in 2020 Were Against Trump Campaign

It really isn’t much of a surprise that the 2020 Trump Campaign organization used about every trick to defraud his supporters, especially the poorer and more naïve ones.

The New York Times has a story about small time Trump contributors who thought they were making a single donation through their credit cards not knowing their contributions would be doubled or reoccur weekly if they failed to uncheck all the right boxes on the Trump Campaign’s donation webpage.

All of it was an intentional scam, of course, worthy of Trump.

Congress and state legislatures should hold hearings to outlaw this type of practice for political campaigns, if it is not already illegal.

Oh yeah, the credit card companies, the banks, and the contributors should all sue.



The 2020 Trump campaign accounted for up to 3% of all credit card fraud claims in the entire country, the New York Times reports.


  • April 4, 2021