Kos has noted that Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be out of money — or close to it, anyway. It’s been hemorrhaging cash faster than a Trump business or Trump-led government, and now The New York Times is giving us a bit of an inside look at all that gruesome bloodshed.

And it’s a horrible thing to behold, unless you happen to hate Trump — in which case your bloodstream is about to be chock-full of endorphins and sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

After noting that Trump had a $200 million cash advantage this spring as Joe Biden began to emerge as the apparent Democratic nominee, The Times gives some details as to where that money went. Two explanations: into former campaign manager Brad Parscale’s pocket and down a fucking drain.

In other words, this is funny, funny stuff.

Excerpts and larfs, from The New York Times:

Five months later, Mr. Trump’s financial supremacy has evaporated. Of the $1.1 billon his campaign and the party raised from the beginning of 2019 through July, more than $800 million has already been spent. Now some people inside the campaign are forecasting what was once unthinkable: a cash crunch with less than 60 days until the election, according to Republican officials briefed on the matter.


Among the splashiest and perhaps most questionable purchase was for Super Bowl ads that cost $11 million — more than the campaign has spent on TV in some top battleground states — a vanity splurge that allowed Mr. Trump to match the billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg’s buy for the big game.

joe smh

There was also a cascade of smaller choices that added up: The campaign hired a coterie of highly paid consultants (Mr. Trump’s former bodyguard and White House aide has been paid more than $500,000 by the R.N.C. since late 2017); spent $156,000 for planes to pull aerial banners in recent months; and paid nearly $110,000 to Yondr, a company that makes magnetic pouches used to store cellphones during fund-raisers so that donors could not secretly record Mr. Trump and leak his remarks.

that one never gets old...

Critics of the campaign’s management say the lavish spending was ineffective: Mr. Trump enters the fall trailing in most national and battleground state polls, and Mr. Biden has surpassed him as a fund-raising powerhouse, after posting a record-setting haul of nearly $365 million in August. The Trump campaign has not revealed its August fund-raising figure.

“If you spend $800 million and you’re 10 points behind, I think you’ve got to answer the question ‘What was the game plan?’” said Ed Rollins, a veteran Republican strategist who runs a small pro-Trump super PAC, and who accused Mr. Parscale of spending “like a drunken sailor.”


There’s loads more at the linky-link, but I think you get the gist.

Trump’s funds are evaporating faster than Moscow hooker piss in the Gobi Desert. And he’s still way behind.

Of course, you can make him fall behind further by donating to Joe. Might as well pile on, right?

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  • September 7, 2020