NY Times Publisher Says drumpf Would Not Get His Reporter Out of Egypt so He Turned to Ireland

NY Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger wrote a piece in his own newspaper yesterday stating the government of drumpf’s favorite dictator, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, was about to arrest one of his reporters, Declan Walsh, in 2017, and that he received a clandestine call from an anonymous someone in the administration warning him of the arrest – as drumpf had determined not to lift a finger to help him.

Sulzberger turned to Walsh’s native Ireland for help, who dispatched a diplomat to spirit Walsh out of harm’s way.

I do not subscribe to the Times so…

Washington Post

“In late 2017, The New York Times received an urgent warning from a U.S. official. Egyptian authorities were looking to arrest Declan Walsh, the newspaper’s reporter in Cairo, according to its publisher. It’s not unusual for a large media organization to get tipped off about threats to its journalists overseas, particularly those reporting on authoritarian governments.

But what was striking is what the official said next: The Trump administration had tried to keep the warning about Walsh from ever reaching the Times. Officials “intended to sit on the information and let the arrest be carried out,” Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger wrote in an opinion column on Monday.

This incident, described publicly by Sulzberger for the first time in a talk at Brown University earlier on Monday, adds a chilling new episode to the administration’s trend of attacking the press and diminishing the rights of journalists as they come under threat around the globe, the publisher wrote…

…The Trump administration wanted to sit on the warning and let Egyptian officials carry out the arrest, the official said. In fact, the official feared being punished for alerting the Times of what was about to play out.

So the newspaper instead turned to Walsh’s home country of Ireland for help. Almost immediately, officials from the Irish Embassy in Cairo escorted the journalist from his home to the airport, Sulzberger wrote.”

Every day it is another example of something un-American, immoral, or outright illegal perpetrated by the Tangerine Traitor.

Let us hope that this week is the week the House decides to do something about this damned spot on our history.

And let us also hope that this is the week The NY Times decides to stop sub-letting its Op-Ed pages to drumpf apologists and useful idiots.

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