New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has joined with the Attorneys General of thirteen other states and the District of Columbia in the filing of an amicus brief opposing the ogre’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General of the U.S.



“NEW YORK — Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today joined a coalition of 15 Attorneys General challenging President Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General of the United States. In a friend-of-the-court brief filed in a Maryland case, the amici states argue that Trump’s appointment of Whitaker, the Chief of Staff to the Attorney General, to serve as the nation’s top legal officer violates laws clearly indicating that the Chief Deputy Attorney General takes over when an Attorney General steps down or is removed. 

“The law is clear – and Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as Acting Attorney General is illegal, violating long-standing rules,” said Attorney General Underwood. “Our coalition of Attorneys General will continue to do what’s necessary to protect the rule of law.”

The amicus brief, filed Monday with the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, supports Maryland’s motion for a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit regarding the Affordable Care Act. The motion seeks to stop Whitaker from exercising the authority of the U.S. Attorney General, or to substitute Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as a defendant in an ongoing lawsuit between Maryland and the federal government. According to the brief, the states have concluded that Mr. Whitaker’s appointment is illegal, ignores long-established vacancy succession laws, and is in violation of Congress’ clear designation of the Deputy Attorney General as the Acting Attorney General.”

Underwood is a stone-cold bad-a**.

This twitter follower speaks for me: