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NY-27 & CA-25: Social Security Works PAC Goes All In For These Two Huge Special Elections

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Received this e-mail today from Social Security Works PAC in support Nate McMurray (D. NY-27) and Christy Smith’s (D. CA-25) campaigns for their upcoming special elections:

Nate McMurray (D. NY-27)

With all eyes focused on elections in November, we could easily overlook two chances to send Social Security champions to Congress before then.

Republicans are counting on that. With normal campaign activities on hold due to the pandemic, Democrats competing in special elections over the summer will have a hard time getting out their message. So we need to help.

Nate McMurray is running for the Western New York state seat vacated by Chris Collins, who is currently in prison due to insider trading. McMurray ran in 2018, and lost by less than 1,000 votes. And Nate is running strongly on the need to expand our Social Security system! He’s found that Social Security is the best way to get through to suspicious voters in his Republican-leaning district, writing:1

That suspicion only started to melt when we began talking about Social Security. I told them that for four years in a row Trump proposed cuts to Social Security in some manner, and that he also wanted cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, or what he called “entitlements”.

“That’s not true,” one man said.

Another said, “Those aren’t entitlements. We earned them.”

Unfortunately, the type of events where these exchanges occurred can’t happen in this environment. So Nate needs our help to get the word out and reach critical voting blocks, like older voters.

Can you pitch in $6 today to help elect Democrats in this summer’s special elections?

Christy Smith is running for an open seat in California, with a special election in May. Like McMurray, she was an immediate “yes” on all five questions on our questionnaire: She’ll fight to expand Social Security, expand Medicare, lower drug prices, oppose cuts to Medicaid, and she’ll never call your earned benefits “entitlements.” A Democrat barely won CA-25 in 2018, and Republicans will see a win there as a weakness for Democrats around the country.

Christy Smith needs our help. Can you chip in $6 to help Nate & Christy win this summer?


Michael Phelan
Social Security Works PAC


Click here to donate to McMurray and Smith’s campaigns.

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