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NY-17: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Endorses Progressive Mondaire Jones (D) In The Dem Primary

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Some big news today out of New York:

Mondaire Jones (D. NY-17)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will endorse Mondaire Jones in the heated Democratic primary for New York’s 17th Congressional district, her campaign told BuzzFeed News.

Jones is a candidate in New York’s June 23 Democratic primary to replace Rep. Nita Lowey. He’s running on a progressive platform in an effort to become the first-ever openly gay black member of Congress, male or female. Jones is not accepting any corporate dollars, nor is he taking money from a super PAC.

“Mondaire Jones knows that we’re in a fight to put power in the hands of working families,” Warren said. “With Mondaire in Congress, we’ll gain another chance to achieve the hard fought wins that bring us closer to big, structural change, and I’m glad to stand with him.”

Warren is wading into the primary at a tense time for her presidential campaign. The Iowa caucus is less than a week away, and senators have been busy with the Senate’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Warren is trying to stage a come-from-behind victory after slipping in national and state polls in recent weeks.

Warren has also endorsed progressives Marie Newman (D. IL-03), Jessica Cisneros (D. TX-28), and U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D. MA) in their primaries. Richard Parker at The Nation noted that Warren hs a great history of helping other Democrats get elected:

Warren has also been consistently effective in helping elect other Democrats—allies a president will desperately need. In 2018 alone, she raised $8 million for congressional candidates, then personally called all 172 of them to offer her support and went on to meet with 61 of them face-to-face to lay out how to best deploy that support. She firmly grasps the reality the media’s relentless, monocular focus on the presidential race misses: that in order to deliver bold change, the next president will need a Congress that shares (rather than checkmates) an agenda with the White House. She also understands—and here’s where her law school years really show—the critical importance of putting in place a federal judiciary vastly different from the one that has been appointed since this president took office.

Her opposition to Wall Street’s endless predations has also been consistent, courageous, and persuasive—and tied directly to her recognition that 40 years of growing income and wealth inequality won’t be reversed without the reregulation of finance. She has taken on not just bankers but also fellow Democrats, including Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, and, by implication, President Obama himself when he prioritized saving too-big-to-fail banks rather than stopping foreclosures on the homes of 10 million families. She played public and behind-the-scenes roles in crafting the still-unused powers of the Dodd-Frank Act to tame Wall Street and in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Washington’s first new (and under the Democrats, demonstrably effective) regulator since the New Deal.

In her skill and dedication campaigning for other candidates; in doggedly shepherding tough, controversial bills through Congress; and in constructing a significant federal agency from scratch, Warren has demonstrated her ability to both win elections and govern.

Something to keep in mind. Click here to donate and get involved with Mondaire Jones’ campaign.

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