Donald Trump

So you probably saw that Donald Trump has corrupted and politicized the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And as I write that, I’m only just starting to grasp how bizarre and thoroughly depressing that is.

What’s next? Will NASA tell us the sun revolves around the Earth because that’s where Trump is? Will the military announce it’s creating a new award on par with the Congressional Medal of Honor for civilians who were classified 4-F due to fake bone spurs?

Here was NOAA’s statement, and — hoo-boy! — it’s a doozy:

Why do I get the feeling they didn’t reach that conclusion honestly or independently? 

Well, actual National Weather Service employees are calling bullshit — in the strongest terms. Luckily, they can still do that without being air-dropped into the eye of a hurricane to pick up Diet Cokes and KFC for POTUS.

From Dan Sobien, the president of the National Weather Service Employees Organization:



Sobien also said this to The Daily Beast:

“What is very important is when the NWS issues a hurricane warning or flash flood warning—it’s very important [that] everyone is on the same page. It’s hard enough to convince people to evacuate or take cover. If you have confusion, it could be very bad.”

“Are people not going to believe the Hurricane Center or our forecasts now?”

Add it to the pile of things Donald J. Trump has singlehandedly ruined. His insistence on always being (perceived as) right could very well get people killed. And who will his cultists listen to? Him or the Fake News National Weather Service?

Talk about voting against your own interests.

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  • September 7, 2019