NV-Sen: Kamala Harris (D. CA) Wants To Punish Dean Heller (R) For Voting To Repeal The ACA

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA) in support of Rep. Jacky Rosen’s (D. NV) U.S. Senate campaign:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D. CA)

You have to see this quote from a recent Politico article:

“Democrats have almost no shot at winning back the Senate majority if Jacky Rosen can’t defeat Sen. Dean Heller in the fall”

It’s true — Nevada is the single best opportunity for Democrats to pick up a Senate seat and move a step closer to taking back the Senate. It’s why McConnell’s network of super PACs is spending so much money in the race, and why I’m reaching out right now. Let me explain:

Jacky Rosen (D. NV)

Jacky is a phenomenal candidate. She waited tables to put herself through school and broke a glass ceiling by building a career as a computer programmer in a field dominated by men.

Her opponent voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act because Trump demanded it. Now, Republicans are desperate to hang on to this seat by waging an awful smear campaign on Jacky’s character.

Make a contribution of $1 or more to Jacky Rosen’s campaign, and we will win this election and move a step closer to regaining the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

I had the opportunity to visit Nevada earlier this year and campaign for Jacky. She’s building a great team that is doing the hard work necessary to win this election.

Your donation could be the difference between victory and defeat because the public polling shows this race could go either way. I hope JackyRosen can count on you to support her campaign today.

Thanks and take care,

– Kamala

Click here to donate to Rosen’s campaign.